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A Complete Project - Start to Finish

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 Body work is done  

 Cab is done ready for the heartbeat  

 Install a fuel cell and lines  

 Tweak the pacer front suspension  

 Tweak the new coilovers  

 We got power -- now the drive train  

 Wire the entire truck  

 Insulate the cab  

 Align the doors  

 Design the tail pan  

 Build the interior  

 Tune the new engine  

 Prep the custom bed for install  

 Running good and ready to go home  

 At home in Mossyrock  

 Gas it up and head for Packwood  

 Roll it out and get ready to show off  

 Spit polished and ready to go  

 Take her on her first run to town  

 Trophy time at Packwood - BEST TRUCK 

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